Philosophical Tidbits

This’ll be updated as my mind evolves.

Playing with Photoshop, coming up with some ideas for what makes worthwhile art.

1. Efficiency. Don’t do anything redundant. Not too much overlap.

2. Don’t use lossy transformations on something detailed. Or at least not important details that you put in. Similar to 1.

3. Have purpose. Even if it’s quite random and/or mysterious, make sure it speaks from the heart or something.

4. Have “taste”. An opinion. Like what you like. Have some idea of what you like and why. What is beautiful or intriguing for you? Dislike bad pieces and for a good reason. Know you do or don’t like something without knowing why. Let that mystery drive you.

5. Pay attention to detail, even if it appears meaningless. It makes a big impact.

6. Skill counts for a lot. Even if a work is abstract, if you can sketch a bicycle or a restaurant or figure, you have much more to offer, in theory. Like atonal music, it’s more meaningful if you know how to write tonal music as well.

General artistic endeavours:

1. When it comes to originality, don’t be careful or overly conscious of existing works. Don’t tiptoe around them. Venture wherever your muse takes you. Crush whatever’s in your way! Make the Terminator movie Mr. Cameron wished he’d come up with only it’s totally different and will be more famous. Do you think The Godfather was the first movie made about the mafia?


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