The most exciting site, like, ever.

All of the following sites and software are free!

* Except if they have an asterisk.

Make sure you check out the links on the right sidebar as well. They’re all really, really good.

The ones under Me are ones that I personally “own” or should I say, pwn! Well, not really, I edit/update them.

The hacking ones are really great websites for learning more about computers and programming and the internet and security. They have heaps of cool puzzles that cover maths, lateral thinking, javascript, lots of stuff.


Creative Commons – The main site I know of when it comes to accessing material that is free to use. Awesome service to make copyright a bit simpler.

File Viewers

Foxit – Really lightweight, allows you to open many pdf files at once in different tabs, save bookmarks.


Paint.NET – A pretty good painting/drawing program.

GIMP – Very cool considering it’s free. Not as fancy as Photoshop but not too far off.

* Photoshop – Not free 😦 But pretty impressive, especially all the filters and the speed and the content-aware fill. You can do impressive things in no time.

File Sharing

µTorrent – The most popular bit torrent software (for Windows anyway). Small, efficient, effective.


Jamendo – Free music! Rapidly growing.

Magnatune – A really wide variety of music. Good, simple interface.

MusiCommunity – Looks alright.

Operating Systems

Ubuntu – I first installed Ubuntu towards the end of 2009 and have since used it alongside Windows (dual booting, fool). Windows is mainly useful for the ease of installing arbitrary software and several higher level programs like Sony Vegas Video. But Ubuntu also has heaps of freeware associated with it and is very good for programming. The best brand of linux for newbies.


Python – Possibly my favourite programming language. Dynamic, efficient, good for beginners as well.

Ruby – Another fun programming language that has some cool fancy tricks. Also not bad for beginners.

Eclipse – A very good programming IDE (integrated development environment). Pretty cool, especially since I’ve been using it to make Android applications. Good text editing, familiar with lots of languages, shortcuts and help galore.

Android – So amazingly effortless and easy using Eclipse. Takes a little time to set up and get the hang of how apps are organised but then you’re on your way, as long as you know Java. Plenty of tutorials and examples online.

xampp – A great recent discovery. Basically it installs Apache, PHP and FileZilla. Everything you need to make your own websites and test them and then upload them. Totally awesome. I never managed to get Apache and PHP to work by manually installing them…

Scratch – It looks awesome from what I’ve seen.

Bloodshed – I use this for C++ programming. Very good.

Erlang – Totally sweet. A pretty fancy language to use.

Stack Overflow – Best site for programming questions and problems by far. Very clear queries and responses. Nice community.


Wikispaces – Only used it a little bit but it’s good for sharing things and throwing ideas around.

Delicious – Cool but could have better search features and sorting. Find some really useful and unique stuff here. Plenty of variety.


Notepad++ – Simple and effective. Can view any file, it displays special characters nicely. I use it for a lot of programming including html. Multiple tabs.

PDFill – Not my favourite but the PDF Tools part is good for converting pdfs to images and vice versa. The editor isn’t free but the other components are.

MiKTeX – LaTeX for Windows. You can make really good-looking worksheets and articles and even books in pdf format. Very good for maths.

Freeware Lists

Gizmo’s Freeware – Covers practically everything from best jigsaw game to best ftp client, ranked and compared and hyper-linked. Plenty of detail and doesn’t seem too biased. Also seems to be growing.

The Best Free Software of 2010.


why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby – Strange but educational.

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! – Pretty good but Haskell annoys me a bit.


Open Font Library – Looks young but pretty cool and exciting.

Font Squirrel – Lots of fonts apparently free to use and edit even for commercial purposes.

Font Cubes – Zomg, more free fonts.

dafont – Yet more fonts! Lots of themes and styles nicely organised.

Lists: 30 Top Best Free Fonts From 2010,  50 Best Free Fonts of All Time, 25 Best Free Quality Fonts.


Wix, * Dreamweaver (30 day trial), Amaya, Kompozer – Haven’t used these much but they seem quite decent. They’re all web development tools.

Gmail – Easy and customisable and intuitive. If you want to view unread e-mail, type “is:unread” into the search bar 🙂 The search function is sometimes dumb though…

Chrome – Awesome, efficient web browser. Chromium exists for Linux. Apps are many and fast and painless to install/uninstall.

Opera – Possibly even better than Chrome. Very neat, great in-built features for programmers like editing html source code “on-the-fly”. Mouse gestures are really cool as well.

Firefox – Lots of add-ons. Never looked back after dropping Internet Explorer (although it’s improving I think). You can change settings with “about:config” (but you better know what you’re doing).

FileZilla – Good FTP program. Included with xampp. SmartFTP was great until it costed money. Most browsers can handle FTP on their own nowadays anyway.

Roxer – Looks interesting, might appeal to some people. Not for me because it doesn’t let you directly edit html code. Awesome how you can edit the page straight away, nice impressive interface.

MathJax – Doing maths in html is awkward and nearly impossible. Oh wait. No it’s not. This is pretty awesome, basically lets you display LaTeX on your webpages.


Interactive Periodic Table.


6 Responses to Resources

  1. karnok says:

    Wow! These links are really useful! That “Google” site is *amazing*. Thanks heaps man! PS. I’m a huge fan of your work, you totally pwn the blogosphere! 🙂

  2. Joshua Dwyer says:

    Awesome list of resources here!
    I’m very much inclined to have a similar page set up on my blog. I’ve been tagging my entries with categories but I might need a simpler more efficient list like this as well.

    • karnok says:

      Thanks Josh! As Leanne Cameron said, there’s no redundancy or harm in “repeating” yourself with an explicit list like this. Look forward to seeing your personal collection of links!

  3. Great collection of resources Chris. The programming resources are very useful for beginners. Great job 🙂

  4. Amie Neale says:

    This resource list is great. Its define and all in the one place. I like it

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