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Tariffs are taxes on the imports or exports of various goods/services between countries or other regions. The most recent prominent example is Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel as well as aluminium, washing machines and solar panels (Wikipedia link). So, what … Continue reading

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Are We in a Simulation?

The Matrix explores the idea of a post-apocalyptic world where human beings are connected to a simulated version of reality, enslaved by robot overlords. It’s an interesting concept. Is it possible that something like that really is happening? Could we … Continue reading

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Determinism Vs. Free Will

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for. This is a fascinating duality but one which I think is commonly misunderstood. The truth is, determinism and free will are not really at odds with each-other, even if it might seem like … Continue reading

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Global Warming

So the Earth is getting warmer and apparently we need to panic about it. Or so I’ve heard. What’s the truth regarding climate change? Are we in extreme danger with an urgent need to act now before it’s too late? … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method: Part 1

It’s amazing how often pseudoscience or weak, partial reasoning can convince people of all kinds of things. Much of the time, I think it’s confirmation bias where people are all too keen to accept evidence which supports their views as … Continue reading

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The Immoral Left

So I’ve written quite a few answers on Quora, gotten into discussions/arguments on social media and continued to read a fair amount about economics and politics. Questions and posts often bug me into writing even when I’m tired or generally … Continue reading

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Language Myths

I recently listened to an audiobook version of Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct (1994). It was interesting but also set a personal record for Most Frustrating Book I’ve Ever Heard. Let’s break down some of the myths he presents. Myth … Continue reading

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