Step One

Invisible stuff. It’s annoying. Oh, here’s another fee you have to pay. Nice, I guess I’ll just pay it and hope there aren’t too many other ones coming up, who needs warning or reasons anyhow? So much easier to manipulate things you can see. The genius of the mirror. Ultimate control of our strongest sensory dimension. To be able to see inside. Nothing can stop you then. When the curtain is open, the fourth wall broken, we become a part of the show.

Fearing that my youth is over. Now I’m resigned to it. My life is boring enough that I can wait in line for things without fidgeting. I’m not bothered by the idea of driving somewhere and filling out a form or dropping something off simply because I have to, it’s what adults do. How did I get into this mess? I solemnly follow lego instructions rather than indulging in random creativity.

When was the crime committed? When they thought of it or when they actually did it? If they fail, should they face the same punishment as if they’d succeeded? What if they don’t get caught, did it even happen? When does a thing begin? I suppose that Spielberg’s Minority Report has already expertly explored this territory and I could very well explore the story by Philip K. Dick on which it is based. I also suppose this is one of the things the controversy over abortions stems from.

Of course there can be no single answer. You have to be more specific. The concept of cause and effect is fundamental. One thing leads to another, there are patterns, rules, predictions can be made, things can be proven. The theme of nature versus nurture also seems deeply relevant. When something unexpected happens, exactly where did it deviate from what was anticipated? Was it inevitable? Some kind of free, meaningful choice? A spontaneous result of chance? Look closely at what you thought you knew. The answer is probably simple and unimaginative. A magician makes a card levitate. It’s on a string. But no-one thinks of that. The performer’s too casual and that’s too obvious. When the impossible happens, your assumptions collapse. Proof by contradiction. Working backwards.

Woah, woah, woah, SLOW DOWN.

Woah, woah, woah, SLOW DOWN.

Princess is a word. A feminised version of prince. Actresses can be called actors but not the other way around. So is Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora a prince? Clearly not. I seem to recall there was some controversy over the word authoress or some such. Classic. To be told you do something like a girl is universally recognised as an insult, especially in regards to running, throwing, catching, lifting things, drinking and sneezing. A turn of phrase in common usage by both the known sexes. Perhaps the equivalent is telling someone they apply make-up like a boy (as in badly).

English doesn’t have masculine and feminine words. Except in some places. Peculiar. When words cause so much fuss, you know something’s wrong with society. Any nigger could tell you that. Lol, okay maybe I’m being retardedly ignorant but isn’t that my right? Do I have to cover for every possible interpreted meaning of each word I use? Is this what we call freedom of speech?


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