Twist Ending

To explicitly or implicitly teach? All that you can see. It is just the tip of the iceberg. People don’t even know what they think or why. They have morals but their ethics are weak and illogical. Never follow rules you don’t understand. It corrupts the way you think. Don’t trust scientists. Don’t be intimidated. Never take someone’s word for something. Take it for what it is. People can be trustworthy. When they are safe. Get to know their innocent side, the side that hasn’t been burnt yet. Then they’ll tell you the truth. But they’ll protect their wounds with lies if you get too close. The way to destroy someone is to tempt them. To encourage them to simplify their world to one that suits them. It’s never healthy in the long run. There is a right way to lie. It’s transparent and naturally unravels. It’s easy to see through. It’s just misinformation. The bad kind gets tangled in everything and becomes impossible to trace. How do I know all this? Oh I been there man. I been there. LOL.

What’s the difference between lawyers and teachers and homeless people? Nothing. Just what they do. But we judge some professions more harshly than others. Wake up. Nobody’s smarter than anyone else. They just have more economically valuable skills. The easiest way to control people is to convince them they have no power. Or that there’s no need for them to exert it. We all depend on eachother. What’s beneficial for one person is beneficial for all. There is always a common ground. Conflict benefits no-one but perhaps it’s better than tyranny. There the conflict resides within the individuals. Better to play violent video games than to be a violent person. But does it encourage violence? Any good studies? Unlikely. Being able to carry out effective research is a rare skill indeed. As soon as you have an aim, you’re potentially skewing your results. Amateurs! Moreover, it should be impossible to obtain inconclusive results. That’s like saying you looked at something and couldn’t tell what colour it was. It means you didn’t look at it properly. Solid methodology ensures you’ll get some kind of meaningful result.

Judge others by their actions, yourself by your intentions. The mind says one thing but the heart says another. Do they get along? Have you felt the pain of someone stronger than you? Someone who never had what you’ve always taken for granted? Have you changed for the better? Have you forgiven someone for hurting you? Never respect what you don’t understand. Shakespeare’s sonnets aren’t great unless you like them, in one way or another. They are just words. Every person misses so much. As much beauty as is to be found in Bill’s work lies in every object, every experience in the world. Its history. Its existence. When there’s harmony, it all fits together so nicely. Only one thing remains. What are you going to do about it? What is this moment? Where did your focus lie? Can you face your deepest weaknesses? The way you elongate your own suffering? Drag everything down with you. Make a fuss about it.

Academics can’t judge Wikipedia until all of their publications are freely available. The only real knowledge is free knowledge. Whenever you charge money for information you are simply preventing poor people from accessing it. Money should never be made from ideas. Or at least not indefinitely. You can’t own an idea. You do at first but you’re a jerk if you don’t share it. A composer who writes only for himself. Understandable if nobody appreciates his music. A bad example, really, because that’s actually more tragic and beautiful and not evil at all. It’s about selling out. Prioritising money over morals. Forgetting yourself, your origins. The ultimate sin. Destruction. Of memories in this case.

How to react to ignorance? How do you respect an audience that gets bored during Shichinin no samurai? How do you value visionary works of art without becoming an elitist? How do you achieve the balance between Borden and Angier? Lol, if one exists. Yes. Be aware of your tendencies. Your abilities. Where your soul is being pulled. Use your strength to put yourself closer to where you’d like to go. But don’t “force” things. Always sense whether it’s going the way you expected. And whether things are actually as you think they are. Have things changed since you last checked?

People have a need to be heard. We have to know that we are worth something. That when we are hurt, it counts for something. That we’re not alone. We are defined by these little things. We’re so deeply set in who we are. Terrified of breaking our habits. It comes from a deeper fear of existence. That our behaviours have made sense all this time.

Keep relistening to Inception. It’s like I’m trying to heal or something. So silly. I’ve forgotten what it can feel like. What you can want to do in your life. Too busy trying not to fail. Just relax.

Film soundtracks have been the soundtrack to my life for the past week or so. Going back through everything I’ve got. Always nice when you realise how well you actually know a lot of this music, even for fairly obscure movies I’ve only seen once, and how great the music is. It’s like a personal little secret. And yet I can’t help but think how I have no-one to share it with. No-one has the same general aura of love for film music (that I’ve met). Granted, I suck at conversations and getting to know people. Maybe I just need to ask some people, I might be surprised. Don’t want to come off as desperate though. Also, the music just doesn’t blow me away quite the way I’d like it to. Still, I’ve skipped most of the really amazing ones, mainly trying to pick ones I don’t know but which aren’t a waste of time.

Doing my second jigsaw puzzle now. The first was The Lion King which had 304 pieces and took 1h 28min. This one is supposedly 500 pieces. It’s taking a lot longer. A bunch of Australian wildlife. Why all this detail? Good question. I figure sometimes a bit of random stuff is nice. But I suppose I should comment. I used to do puzzles as a kid. They were fun. I’m pretty good at them. I would often pick up a piece and rotate it and put it in the right place the first go and my parents or someone else would ask how I knew. Good times. Just look at the textures, the lines, the patterns. Most pieces have something unique on them. That’s how you can be so confident.

For me, they’re a bit like drinks at the movies. I don’t like sharing. It ruins it if I do most of a puzzle but you also did some part of it as well. Now I can’t have the full enjoyment of having solved it. It’s funny. What’s the point of puzzles? Some kind of demented “fun”? Well, there’s mental stimulation, exercise. Testing yourself. Unlocking the mystery. This is what happens when a species reaches this level of comfort at the top of the food chain. They start cutting up pictures and slowly putting them back together again to stave off boredom. Meanwhile penguins are venturing miles across the Antarctic and huddling to not freeze to death during months of no Sun or some such. Are stellar objects proper nouns?


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