Yo dog, you’ve got to look at the complete system with these hypothetical morality questions. Thing is, everything’s connected. Everyone has a past. You can’t look at Keating without looking at Howard, Hawke and all this other crazy shit that was going on (not that I know anything). A choice to sacrifice one person to save five. What if that one person was you? Does that make a difference? What if the five people were criminals? Well, now we’re getting all The Dark Knight aren’t we? Are you ready to believe in good? Or does cynicism eat away at your soul?

So yeah, I guess I almost believe in inaction in these cases. What if you flip a switch, thinking it’ll save 5 guys and only kill one but it kills 50 instead? What’s your locus of control, man? Let’s say you do nothing. Can you be blamed for not saving 4 people? What if the 5 people were Hitler, Hussein, Gaddafi, bin Laden, Seacrest and the other person was Gandhi? Then do you flip the switch? What if you were 75% sure it would switch to the right track? What if you were only 82% sure of the fact that it had a 75% and are about 68% sure of that 82% figure? What if a gun was pointed at your head and they said don’t switch it? Hypothetical questions don’t have answers. I think it’s a bad sign if you ever seriously ponder these questions. It suggests an unhealthy disconnection from reality. Morality is intertwined with all things. No beginning nor end. Master your existence and change the questions. Expand the system to suit that universal concept we’re all born with but which can never be explicitly described: good. Don’t answer them. They are eternally unanswerable.

Knowledge. Wishing you hadn’t found something out. Can’t be undone. Lying to yourself to protect something else within. Interesting how we choose to interpret things a certain way. Not necessarily realising it. The way we float into and out of consciousness. Different aspects of the same person. Just as a nation is a single organism, a body is made of many independent systems. They don’t always get along.

The kidney is like “Wtf? No more alcohol! No more alcohol!” while the heart is all like “Ask not what cake you can eat but what LMFAO song you’ll jog to this morning!” and of course your bowels are like “We need to get rid of this waste soon or the whole nation will suffer!” and your brain’s like “Here’s todays report, what would you like to do? Btw, you’re going to feel sick and unhealthy if you make the wrong choices.”. So, yeah, balance and harmony everyone. Seriously.

Ironically, I think we sometimes gain more not from having meetings and “listening” but from absorbing all the stuff we’ve been ignoring all this time. Cutting through the fog and ending the lies. No point having gay little activist meetings if corruption is rapant. Back to the original point. I remember when I found out Johnny Depp used to do drugs. I was like, great. One less role model for me. Now, yeah, drugs don’t define a person. But I always fancied this idea of a life untainted by drugs. They just don’t seem cool. Same with smoking. But there’s no point being self-righteous about it. People know they do harmful things to themselves. Does it indicate some pain? Some self-loathing of some kind? Maybe. Be careful not to read too much into it.

You have your own standards. No-one can really be compared. There are infinitely many little differences. My brother is the most similar human to myself I’ve met. And we’re polar opposites when it comes to physical activity, maths and some principles about music. Whatever, a bunch of stuff. Technically, I’m all alone. As in, completely unique. Everyone is. But we can connect with lots of other people. The most deeply rewarding relationship is with yourself. Others can help you grow, offer different kinds of experiences. But ultimately, you’re the one that’s always there. Sometimes they save you, or you save them. Exposure to innocence can help us recover from guilt. Prevent what happened to you. Undo the damage you once did. Gradually earn someone’s forgiveness.

Anyway, yeah, those things you wish you could forget. All those classic, artsy, challenging movies I watched. All that diverse music I tried to absorb. I’ve seen things I can’t unsee. No point pretending to be ordinary. No point taking silly things seriously. The best thing to be serious about is that mysterious concept of commitment. The drive to always do the right thing. To not get stuck or become a hypocrite. To not get lost and betray yourself. To passionately defend the silliness of silly things!

Assessment. We do build it up so. I like the idea of a kind of mini/micro-assessing. Lots of little assessments. The focus is empowering students. What are their problems? Let’s find out. A test every week. Just 5 minutes or so. Technology might make it easier. No anger when they all fail. Cool! So none of you know how to do this! I’m not wasting my time teaching it then. Or a lot of you made this mistake, so here’s what you should’ve done, watch out for it!

Remember when learning was fun? When being smart counted for something? When it impressed people? Not just annoyed them? We have to respect genius! Some people are brilliant at what they do! You seriously don’t have a chance unless you make the same breakthrough and unleash your inner Abel (he was an awesome mathematician AFAIK FYI)! In year 2 or 3 I knew square numbers. Kids were like, woah! I was like, it’s really easy but thanks anyway for worshipping my uncanny knowledge that seven squared equals forty nine. They started picking it up. We learned maths during recess and lunch.

Bottom up. Not top down. Rats. I got 17 out of 20. I got 3 wrong. As if 20 would mean you performed perfectly. There should be no upper limit. I heard about this imagination test. Five-year-olds apparently do quite well. This is the way good assessment should work IMHO. How many different uses can you think of for a hat? Or some such. You just get a number result. The higher, the better. Par example, qoui do you know about quadratics? Use examples if you’d like. The technical maximum might be 94 marks. But anything from around 9 marks and higher could be considered good. Something like that, I once dreamed I’d do it…

Yeah, so we don’t like intelligent people. Threatened by them. What do they represent? The absence of limitations. We’re like superconductors. Get in the right frame of mind (temperature) and resistance goes to zero. Some people seem to like that friction. That inefficient structure.

Can technology ever be a bad thing? Dangerous surely. In the wrong hands it seems bad. But isn’t it natural? Are we at risk of it accelerating faster than our ethics and morals? Does it broaden the gap between the rich and the poor? Increase discrimination? Or is it the grand equaliser? What harm can a program do? I guess it’s analagous to a thought, an idea. If it’s good, it spreads, it takes hold. But in and of itself, it’s neutral. YOU GOTTA FIGHT. FOR YOUR RIGHT. TO PARTY! Jobs can’t be created. Only moved. Technology can’t destroy art. Only change the landscape. Fear of change is never a good thing. Digital photography ruined painting. Video killed the radio star. Television murdered the movies. Movies destroyed books. Video games annihilated sport. Notice how none of these are true…


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