Chris’ DJing Tips

I’ve been DJing with Minimusic for about 8 months now. Lol at the guy looking right at the girl’s chest in the picture on the website… Anyway, I really enjoy it, it’s always good experience, you meet people, get to party, listen to lots of music and make money.

So I was unexpectedly visited by a trainee tonight and tried to pass on all my knowledge and tips and thought I might collect them here. I mean, with all the 10 or so parties I’ve done, I’m pretty much an expert, right?

1. Don’t take it personally!

When a song bombs, keep your cool. Everybody has different taste, so for any given song, some people will love it and some people will hate it. But the coolest people will go along with anything. It’s good to acknowledge that somebody doesn’t like a song (just with eye contact, body language), but that doesn’t mean the song sucks. Have a sense of humour and welcome them to suggest something else. Don’t panic. This also goes for the really good songs, don’t let it go to your head, just stay calm throughout it all. That way they think you’re in control (and you will be).

2. Have back-ups.

Have songs ready to go in case you can’t find your next song.

3. Make a good impression.

As long as you are punctual, dressed appropriately and are friendly and helpful, everyone will respect you as the dj. Just act the part. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just be yourself. But make sure you have the basic aspects of being professional. Communicate with people and have everything ready early, be ready for changes and always be cool.

And now, a disclaimer. These posts of late have been collections of drafts I never finished. I never like to change old things but since they were incomplete, I’m editing and adding to them, which I usually do anyway, only much later. So it’s like an old style of writing for me. I hope to write new things soon. Back to the fragments…

Why do we alienate people who have problems? Are we afraid of catching their defects? Is it some unconscious evolutionary urge? It occurs no matter what their difficulties or differences may be. We make things harder for them and their troubles escalate. Don’t write while you’re emotional. It just becomes blabber. How can you not be passionate all the time? I guess overall there’s this mutual creation of a greater organism – society. We all claim it’s just there, separate from us and we fit into it. But we make it as well. We are a part of the forces acting on other individuals. Who do you cause stress? Who do you bring joy to?

What is it to you? How do you mold your relationship with it? What hole does it fill for you? Technology that is. Some people will come into their own online. Others are much more comfortable with real physical contact. Problems occur when you get the wrong impression, when you try to make something into something it isn’t. Find a different mode of expression. A singular style. They can’t follow. But they know it’s good. Out of their league. An oblique point of view. Yet clear in its twisted way.

Music piracy. That’s how I like to do it. Don’t introduce it. Don’t give some boring story that somehow segues into it. Just say what it is. And then talk about it. Who decides the laws? Are they there to protect music, artists, marketers, listeners? You have to wonder sometimes. The big recording companies turned down the internet and paid the price. I don’t see “illegal” downloading as a problem at all. People like music. There are ways to just be cool and noble about the whole thing. Nolan manages to keep his movies completely under wraps. Who would want to watch his movies on a computer screen anyway? I prefer the idea of all art and culture being freely and easily available for everyone and then you can donate to whoever you like. Or it could even be publicly funded. I am an idiot though…

When will we start living on other planets? Will we have learned how to avoid war yet? How to live in peace and prosperity? How do you measure progress? It’s hard to know what could be around the corner. Tests are a good way to see what people know and think. It’s kind of scary thinking you’re just one of billions. That people are born all the time. They have the same feelings and experiences you do. They’re going to their first job interview, getting married, learning new things. What profound things are happening to you these days? You can only ever experience something for the first time once. So make sure you cherish it, value it. Rediscover it and break the rules of the world. Have eyes as fresh as the babies born this month. What will they see? What obvious things will stand out to them that never occurred to you. The world doesn’t give you a chance to catch up. You have to let bad things go or you’ll be replaced.


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