Physics and philosophy are separate. Mutually exclusive. The public and the private. I’ve never understood people who discuss religion or sexuality or personal beliefs without having a high degree of humour about it. You can’t learn from other people’s personal little things they believe. We’re worlds apart. That stuff can’t be expressed. Well, not in words. That’s why we’ve got art.

Science, the scientific art of looking at things, free thinking is all about those things we *can* express in words, formulas. They connect ideas. You work forwards and backwards from there. You can go deeper or more expansive. A master of one area or a jack of all trades. Science is about the finite. We come from millions of years of evolution or so we believe. Our “feelings” stem right into life itself. This big organism, breathing, growing, thinking. We’ll never understand. Nothing is limited by what we “know” about the brain. Anything that limits your imagination is not worth “knowing”.

Those uninterested in science are who they are. Science is no more interesting than fishing or ballet. We’re not meant to know. It isn’t possible. There is no God, no creator. This isn’t a harsh statement. Not even the universe knows. Do you know why you like what you like? Do people know they’ll fall in love before they meet? Be careful not to pollute true feelings with what you *want* to believe. So, basically, I don’t like the arrogance of scientists. That their’s is the one area truly worth learning about. Physicists don’t necessarily know any more about existence or philosophy than a friendly janitor might.

I’ve noticed a tendency for things to become abstract. In each area of endeavour. In mathematics, second year of university. It all changes. The skills required are different. You start using analogies with literature and music far more often. You realise that you can’t progress any further without going back to the simple things you missed in primary school, pre-school. It’s just as hard as it was back then. But very rewarding if or when you have a breakthrough.

Pursue what appeals to you. Be true. Only you know what you know. You have to have your own morality. But you have time as well.

There is no theory of everything. Science is about *how* we know what we know. Not what we know. How many people know how we know about the big bang? Real scientists should be skeptical until they understand thoroughly. There are countless gaps that are glossed over. For example, what makes us think the big bang was the “beginning”? We simply can’t see past it, past the CMBR (cosmic microwave background radiation or whatever). It seems to me akin to the assumption that atoms exist leading eventually to the discovery of atoms. The big bang wasn’t the start just as atoms aren’t the smallest things. I called it. 2012 fools. 2012.

Good speakers have a way of pacing and phrasing that emphasises all the right points. Sometimes you don’t get a sentence, but they get you back on track soon enough. Meanwhile, professors are often notoriously bad at explaining things [citation needed]. People don’t ask questions because they are intimidating. They laugh at such a suggestion, the same way they laugh at silly/obvious/trivial questions. Oblivious to self-imposed superiority. But the people that silently waste an hour being confused are a part of the crime as well. Never be afraid to question something. There are always embarrassing mistakes that have been made by experts. And widely known explanations that aren’t actually very good.

Carl Sagan seems cool and comes across as being very kind. Funny how just a photo says so much about a person. Did Winston Churchill ever smile? Lol, maybe that’s a bit stupid and misleading. He was a president during a difficult time, as far as I can tell. A photo of him as a kid might well contain a smirk or more.

The quality and depth of a person’s personal beliefs shows in their behaviour. It has nothing to do with what they say about their feelings. Do you notice what they do? Why they do it? Most people will just ask. As if the person knows. And as if they would tell you the truth in a language that made sense to you. Be the ball. Put yourself in their shirt. That’s the only way to find out. Of course, most people haven’t even looked at themselves yet. You might like to start there.

Never do something your heart isn’t into. Don’t betray yourself. Never be impersonal. That is the only, and the worst, evil. There’s something about living harmoniously. About not knowing all the answers, about embracing what/who you are to a high/deep degree. Don’t let logic get in the way of intuition. There’s always many forces acting on us at any time. You have to trust the one that is deepest or truest or something like that. Good to have a clear mind and heart so that you’re not constantly in conflict with things from the past. That’s the tricky part. Gotta perform inception on yourself. Confront those psychological knots. And then you’re ready to begin again. On a higher level.


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