I feel I’ve lost my passion. My zest for life! Where has it gone?! Lost my innocence. Now I’m one of those people that tells everyone else how the world just isn’t that wonderful and that people will let you down and you should just learn to get by. Funny how our view of the world says so much more about ourselves than it does about the actual world. You think you have it tough?! Come on! Do something amazing! Doesn’t matter if you fail if you at least attempted something inspiring. Then you can get back up and do better the next time. But don’t complain.

Makes me curious where real strength comes from. How do you develop or why do certain people have that indestructible belief in themselves? How do you bring out your best side? Give your life meaning? And know that you’re good? I think it’s got something to do with innocence. All of your uncertainty stems from guilt.

Where do I end and the world begin? How do we know whether we like things if we’ve never experienced them before? Do we already have an intuitive understanding of all things before we’re born? Yeah, that’s not a vague and ridiculous concept at all, Chris. Great work. Best philosopher of the early 21st century. I’m so lazy for a living person. For the potential of our age. For the importance of every moment in determining the path humanity takes. Is our path set? Is there actual evil? Can good be destroyed? When you make sacrifices for a cause, can that be a waste? What if it doesn’t work? What if you realise it wasn’t what you really cared about? Silly questions. You know all the answers. Don’t be afraid to start right now. When you forgive someone, they don’t have to apologise. The kinds of people that aren’t helpful to others are the ones who need help more than anyone else. But real help. Telling them the truth. Being there even though they push people away. Keeping your distance when they do need time alone. What am I talking about? I don’t know either.

Beginning countless things. Finishing none. More incomplete than ever before. Tyler Durden would be proud. One day. I’ll be one of those literate people who can casually quote things. Create original sentences on the spot. Effortlessly. Still trying to catch up. Make sure people can’t see my weaknesses. That I’m not what they think I am. Although I suppose it’s still a bit mysterious. I can’t talk normally, it doesn’t interest me. Make things so difficult.

I have to connect with everyone. Bridge the gaps and save us all. Wilful ignorance is a common theme. How severe its effects can be! You have to be fascinated or you won’t want to keep learning. Slow down when necessary. Used to be affected by things. Not anymore. Now I’m emotionless. Stoic. Find your excitement. It will be your redemption. Don’t listen to negativity. They are lost. You stopped doing the things you love. Return.


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