Like They Say

You only need to convince yourself. There’s always something bullshit about the wisdom of words. If they don’t slap you in the face or punch you in the stomach, they don’t mean shit. People will turn their head and nod and say, “that’s clever” and then they’ll forget about it. Maybe we don’t know what it takes to change us. Maybe it *has* to be gradual. Maybe you should just trust things are improving and focus on enjoying the ride. Stop stressing and stuff. Stop judging people including yourself. Think about what you want to think about and just let loose.

Late javascript. I just love it when I go to click on a link and then the page loads some more stuff, the link moves and I get sent somewhere else and it commits to some massive endeavour which takes forever to cancel. And then it happens again because the javascript is even later this time. Great design, guys. Fantastic.

What explains the sudden changes in mood? I do not know.

Christopher Nolan has found a way to challenge himself and improve with each movie he makes. I like to think he has paved a path for himself which no-one has been able to match yet. I think the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, David Fincher, Thomas Tykwer and various other good young directors need to step it up. They haven’t yet had any comeback to Nolan’s films. And Nolan doesn’t seem concerned. He seems to have the right attitude.

This is all of course a fantasy of mine, that he’s the greatest director of all time (so far) and will continue to make better and better movies for the years to come. He does have weaknesses though, in my opinion. Hans Zimmer can’t match John Williams (or at least, hasn’t). Nolan’s writing is great, but his camera magic is limited to realism. He uses similar sweeping shots of cities in most of his movies. In that sense, his direction is a little bit plain. His camera has a quiet presence and a cool personality at times. But he hasn’t done that many jaw-dropping moments just yet. He is not as bold as he could be. Why can’t every frame of a movie be an amazingly detailed beautiful painting? It doesn’t distract. A great painting can have a focus. A picture is worth a thousand words. But most images from movies are worth a few up to maybe 50. How many really could have pages written about them? Exactly.

I’m well aware that was one of the dumber paragraphs ever conceived, let alone, committed to a permanent digital form by a living being. But worry not, there’s time yet to wrench it from its throne.

Pixar may have lost it with Cars 2. But I shall reserve judgement. I still want to love it. Was it just for merchandising? But yeah, these other directors have to make their masterpieces already. They just seem too lazy at times. Keep indulging in old ideas when the world needs their opinion. Needs their attitudes and visions. Their unique ability to move us and open our eyes. Not keep giving us their nostalgic values wrapped up in a genre they fondly watched as a child. Not petty references to existing movies. But powerful new styles.

The Hobbit in 3D. Will it make good use of it? Whatever. 3D is here to go away. It’s always the same. New and old at the same time. You have your journey and the world has its. They intertwine of course. “Also in 2D in select cinemas”. That, my friends, is comedic genius. Ironic that it subtly implies that 2D is in fact rarer and more avant-garde. An added bonus that just makes you all that more excited to see it. As if a movie could even possibly be exclusively 3D. Seinfeld couldn’t have come up with that.

I really am nervous about this prac. Three weeks. It’s the anticipation. Just turn up. Do what you can. Bring everything. Think ahead. Relax and teach the way you have been. Whatever. I can write these things but I feel kind of sick. You start procrastinating. I just need to make some cool programs and things for the students to play with. Focus on what I’m good at. Do a little research. Make it educational for yourself. Become familiar with the syllabus. This little treasure of information and directives we all worship.

So I’ve actually seen Cars 2 now. It’s still Pixar I suppose. But it could very well be their worst. Plenty to enjoy nevertheless. Strange indeed. I’m not sure what to think. Permission to hate and/or love. Ye must choose!


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