Le Return

The symptoms of imminent collapse. A world that fails to make sense. A resounding confidence in the logic of your mind, your own existence over physical reality. Just before you wake up. And then the cycle begins again. It doesn’t continue, it rebegins.

One and only exam today. EDFD546 in the bag. A university lecturer should be approachable by anyone, even non-university people. A recent thought of mine. Hope that doesn’t imply that they aren’t or weren’t, just that it can be a little daunting or intimidating at times. I understand the veil of professionalism but yes, there should be a way of connecting with the human as well.

Resonance. When two things combine. Destructive or mystically additive, positive? Timing makes all the difference. Our changing moods. What do you do in the troughs? The peaks, the slopes? What do you aim to maximise? When is metacognition the way and when is intuition king? Where does your consciousness belong? Every act is a transaction. Whatever you do affects you. Don’t miss the invisible effects. You might learn something, but you learned that thing in lieu of every other possible thing you might have learned. Don’t worry.

Confident or timid? Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Nobody likes hypocrisy. Everyone likes something self-contained, beautiful, noble, deeply moving. We are born not knowing who or what we are. Or do we? Did I forget myself? Was this a mistake or my own doing? My consciousness battles itself as I look on.

What’s in your mind when you start something? Anticipations of repeated mistakes? A solid feeling of identity and purpose? What do you want to feel and why? Never be harsh. Everyone is vulnerable. The ultimate strength is exposing your weaknesses. Everyone knows. And you survive. Most people wear so much armour. It’s endearing. They silently wish for leadership, for protection. They test the candidates with slandour. Lol, hey every now and then I have to just write the word that comes to mind. It might not have the right meaning, but it has the right flow. Don’t shoot the messenger.

I decided it was time to post these old gems. I have too many old unseen things. I don’t really like dashes in words. So from now on, I shalt leave them out. I’m trying to learn Japanese and French. Fin.


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