Wrong Way

Okay, just going to complain about getting a parking fine. “Not park rear to kerb where indicated”. I appealed and failed. Obviously I was deliberately being a badass by parking that way. Whatever, I just feel like I did absolutely nothing wrong. I guess most people go through this at some stage. My cynicism/indifference towards authority is at its peak.

I’m just really annoyed about several things. I was limited to 400 characters so I didn’t mention various relevant things like the fact that I’m a student working part-time and $88 isn’t a small amount to me. I understand there should be some sort of limit or else many people will go on and on but I would justify all I had to say as meaningful and necessary.

They only addressed one of my points: that I wasn’t aware of the law. Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that. They say it’s my responsibility to know the laws. But their website is badly designed and their documents are long, tedious and badly organised. Searching is difficult. They fail to accept responsibility for making the laws accessible and, for instance, making sure signs emphasise the difference between information and warnings related to fines and offences. How about bold red ALLCAPS?! They merely give me a link to the rta website and mention a couple of contact numbers, not for the purpose of any further discussion but only so I can get information, presumably all on their side telling me how wrong I am.

I plan to pay the fine but not without contacting them and questioning them about some things. I have every right to complain and get some more information. I don’t know why it quite frustrates me so much, but I don’t know anything they do that is good for me. I suppose they give us the roads. Perhaps I should sincerely offer fixing up their website and making some summarised versions of their laws because long, meticulous, boring articles don’t make for pleasant reading. Lol, like this one…

Is it pathetic that I only get angry now that it happens to me? Well, that’s not true. If it happened to anyone, I would get angry, probably moreso. What a waste of money! What does it go to? Paying for the parking inspectors to walk around? I’d prefer to donate to a charity. Why not force people to do that if they commit a crime? Maybe it’s a conflict of interest. I just found it a bit disrespectful of them to point me to a website and basically say it’s my problem and I have to deal with it.

This law is unreasonable in the first place. It’s completely natural to park the way I did, parking on the right side of the road at a 60 degree angle. I don’t think it’s fair that I am not allowed to ask for another review as they have already supposedly done one. There is no evidence that they read what I wrote other than one small part of it. In my opinion, they have not satisfactorily addressed it. How about leaving a note explaining the law? Too much effort? Do they care about my safety or just revenue-raising?

Furthermore, why not just warnings?! For a first offence of a certain type which is not harmful or major in any way, just give a warning. And why do police take forever looking at our record while we sit in our car waiting for an indeterminately long period of time? It isn’t right. We should be able to see what they are doing. It’s all backwards. What the police are doing should be transparent and always open to being questioned. Individuals should have their privacy. They are working for the government, getting funded by taxpayers. We own them. They are a service we buy for ourselves. And then we get this disrespect. This atmosphere of fear. We have to stand up for our rights before we have none left. Perhaps I should just not pay and see what happens. See what they do next. See how immoral and inhumane they become. But hey, they are following the law which proves they must be doing the right thing.

Quoting laws isn’t a good reason for anything. Why are those things laws in the first place? Why? I don’t understand the rationale for this kind of a fine. It is severe for someone like me. And complete overkill. I just repeated myself didn’t I… A one-off occurrence in a place I’ve never been before.

Nobody is above the law. Actually, everybody is above the law. A thinking mind is worth a hundred written sets of rules. I understand there are reasons for the way the system is, not all of them bad. And the law is always evolving I’m sure. But who even knows where to find it and read it? Maybe I’ll take the time to read through it and publish some simplified versions so people can be “in the know”… But regardless, never lose your right to think!

Perhaps this is just revealing the emptiness of my life that I can’t take this like a grown-up and be cool or funny about it. In another time, I might have become a philosopher or a poet, not a good one, but my point is that they might have been my passions. I might have written about the law and society and virtues. But I get a strong vibe that this world doesn’t want to hear any of that. It’s all been done. Or it’s exclusively for old, experienced people. People seem to be considered intelligent for not questioning things rather than the opposite. Fit into their vision and they’ll love you. But once you see deeper, you can’t go back. Or maybe I’m so deluded that I’m causing my own problems, digging my own hole. What do I expect?

I remember we were meant to repeat titrations in Chemistry at university. I didn’t do that. Instead, I cumulatively added acid and base and often got the best results. It’s a much more logical way. It’s bad science IMHO to simply repeat an experiment. It suggests a lack in confidence in the way it was carried out. A good experiment takes things into consideration and repetition is unnecessary. Verification perhaps is a different concept. Obviously it’s about control. Were there unexpected variables involved? Not in a titration unless you don’t know what you’re doing. If you get different results each time, you did it wrong and/or the differences are less than the accuracy you could have reasonably expected in the first place.

Here’s to less depressing posts in the future!


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