Learn to Know

Okay so I’ve been tutoring for about a year now and still suck at it, big time. Thought I should put together some tips once again. This is pretty boring and pathetic but whatever. Helps me think I guess.

1. Leave notes.

I always draw pictures and little equations to help explain things. It seems to work fine but the problem is I often do it all on my own paper and then take it away. During the week, the student literally has nothing to look at or reflect on. A very bad habit of mine. Even if you just want to scribble something and it’s quick and messy, do it on their paper or on something you can easily tear off to give them. Now I have a better “system” where I bring spare paper and write all over it (but neatly) and then leave it with them.

2. Prepare stuff.

Sounds obvious but if you get the opportunity, try making some questions before hand or finding some useful websites you can recommend. I also like creating my own stuff, like games and websites but am always “too busy”. It shows that you’re really making an effort which will hopefully encourage whoever you’re tutoring.

3. Be Yourself

As in, have a sense of humour and be honest when you don’t have a good answer. Learn from the student as well. Relax and go with the flow. Occasionally I think it’s okay to go off on a brief tangent if the student is interested and it’s somehow related to what they’re learning.

What an amazing collection of advice! You’ll thank me later 😉


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