More Podcasts for Thine Ears…

It’s been nearly a year and still going strong! Here be some more podcast recommendations from moi.

All music and no talking!

Radio Unity >> Some interesting stuff. Not easy to categorise as a general rule. Only a few episodes in total 😦 But really nice.

RA >> Totally awesome. Shame you can’t get old episodes for free. But really consistently high quality electronic music of all kinds, different moods, different styles.

Tinker Podcast >> Lots of cool stuff.

All laughing and no boring!

Sklarbro Country >> Okay, so every podcast on EarWolf is awesome (that I’ve tried so far). These guys could be the funniest on the whole thing, even giving Comedy Bang Bang a run for its money. I like how the brothers have such a natural flow together, finishing their sentences and following on, interjecting at all the right points. Guests are usually really good too and the musical guests are live which is awesome.

The Pod F. Tompkast >> Strange. Eccentric. Genius. Jen Kirkman is a really funny regular guest, she’s probably the funniest person I follow on Twitter. A bit like Conan O’Brien with a lot of esoteric humour taken to the next level. Very unpretentious and fun. Nothing is taken seriously. Plus it’s very spontaneous and has a nice variety of features and the host seems legitimately nice.

The Bugle – Audio Newspaper for a Visual World >> Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but these two guys are always good for a nice chuckle. I find this a fun way to keep abreast of the news as well. It’s a certain type of humour, very British but the hosts actually have a good time as well so that’s pretty infectious. In my opinion, it’s some of the funniest, most consistent sources of humour I’ve ever found.

All overrated and no diligence!

Now a couple of shithouse, overrated podcasts. I know they’re free, but they’re disappointing. They could be so much better. They don’t have to change their vision. But they should just be aware of how lame they are at times. I’d love to be proven wrong so feel free to disagree or recommend a specific episode because I’m giving up on these ones. It sounds like the hosts aren’t idiots and might have done some cool stuff before. But they’re so interested in themselves that it isn’t entertaining or fun at all. They need to pick it up, big time. I’m slightly exaggerating, they’re actually okay, but way in need of improvement.

Jordan, Jesse, GO! >> Wtf? A couple of guys talking about random stuff for an hour and a half all while managing not to be that funny or interesting. No structure, no games, no apparent care that an audience is listening. I don’t know, but Jesse Thorn seems like a bit of a douche, calling himself “America’s Sweetheart”. His ego preceeds him. The Sound of Young America is much better (actually not bad at all) because the guests are really cool and he can interview just fine.

The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling >> Ironically, one of the worst podcasts I’ve listened to. Again, lazy and self-indulgent at two and a half hours. The intro theme is FIVE FUCKING MINUTES LONG! The host is basically a dick to his callers, I don’t know why they’re so cool about it. Again, he might be okay, but the show sucks. Some parts are sometimes funny, but overall, very hit and miss. If it was compressed to a much shorter length and had a purpose, it could be alright. But listening to some guy waste time is a waste of time. Mr. Tompkins can be a bit random but he takes his flights of fancy all the way and keeps shit tight.

Didn’t want to be so negative, but not every podcast is perfect. Two duds out of 50 or so is pretty good though 🙂


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