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Why do we alienate people who have problems? It’s like we’re afraid of catching their defects? Whether it’s someone who’s… We make things harder for them and their difficulties escalate. Don’t write while you’re emotional. It just becomes blabber. But how can you not be passionate all the time?

Maybe this is arrogant but I don’t like “research” because I don’t think you learn. You only learn how to search for keywords or phrases to match your ideas. You get the gist of an overlong, wordy, pretentious article and find one or two bits that seem relevant and use those. Then you gain “authority” and/or respect as long as you reference properly. Research isn’t everything. Most surveys I’ve ever completed seemed very ineptly designed. Confusing, ambiguous questions. Maybe I’m rare in that I enjoy that kind of thing, answering questions about myself. But I find it very frustrating when you can sense what they’re getting at but everything is muddled. Clever people can tell what’s going on. They can guess most answers anyway. In science you use a control but they don’t do that in surveys! The same question should be asked in slightly different ways to see if it has any effect. Like, if you “lead” people or used “loaded” language, can that sway them? And to what degree? It’s also annoying when they combine too many things. So my real answer would be yes to one part but no to another but I have to pick yes or no.

Einstein and others did thought experiments. Is your life, your experience closed? There are countless things you’ve observed that you don’t understand. So why go searching for more data? I’m better at writing all about things, at actually interviewing people myself, at collecting information. I don’t like going through other peoples’ stuff. If it was actually good, it would be more famous. Ah, I guess that’s not always true. Oh life with all your yeahs and nahs. So many dead-ends. Think you’ve figured it out but no. You’ve hit a wall.

We need to improve teachers. More pressure! More accountability! The good teachers leave because they can’t handle it! The teachers that care get upset! The ones that doubt themselves are usually the best ones! The hard cynical business types get to stay! The ones that don’t care about the kids don’t have that baggage to worry about! Okay, too many exclamation marks in a row. You got me there.

Dark thoughts. Why do we feel obliged to keep so many secrets? It’s not cool to be transparent. You have to play along with popular beliefs! It always breaks the ice when you say what everyone’s thinking. But what about when you say what only you are apparently thinking. It’s a relief when people laugh. But it’s terrifying when you get that cold, awkward silence. Best feeling ever! Moral of the story: don’t be that audience member. Don’t be uncomfortable when someone fails. Don’t pity them either. Have a sense of humour about it, fool!

An irresistible force. Everyone sells out eventually. The forces acting on a person. We can keep most of them in check or negotiate with them. This might be called inner strength. But if any one force becomes large enough, it is obeyed. Simple as that.

We put together ideas about our world. The freeer we are, the better we’ll do. Free from bad thoughts, dangerous misconceptions? Knots in our logical beliefs? Step one is to become incorruptible. If you’re a pretty girl and get into clubs while everyone else waits, you know you’re agreeing with that situation by going in. If you feel it’s unfair, you shouldn’t go in. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. I don’t know. I’m not pretty 😦 Seems like a good movie moment. When the popular cool person says no thanks. I don’t want all your attention. I don’t deserve this glory. Of course it’s nice and I like it! But not really. I can’t enjoy it while others are ignored. They could be me. I’m not a hypocrite. I don’t like hypocrites.

It’s funny how we’re learning at university about building students’ knowledge from where they’re already at and yet most of the teachers know next-to-nothing about me, about what I’m capable of, good at, bad at, what I’m keen to try, what I’d never attempt for fear of embarassment. The same for every student obviously. It’s not easy but yeah, just ironic. My destiny becomes gradually clearer. I don’t know why it upsets me so much that this might not be the right direction for me. Could be time to pull out. Another waste of a bunch of money and I’m no closer to a full-time job. Once I’m working I bet the pressure will be gone. I could be great or awful and no-one would know. I might reflect like crazy and never improve or I might just approach things casually and improve heaps really quickly.

A closing note. How to quote:

1. Say “quote”.

2. Say the quote.

3. Say “unquote”.

What’s all this “So I said to her, quote, unquote, it’s time we had a little talk.” business?! What is the point of saying “quote, unquote”? Why not just “quote”? You unquote before you say the fucking quote! WHAT THE FUCK?!

We can tell you’re quoting anyway. What could be helpful in using the words quote and unquote is to clarify where the quote actually starts and where it actually ends. Even if that is the, quote, improper, unquote, way to do it, the other way’s stupid and redundant and should be replaced by anyone who understands why.


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