Pro Structure

Accountability of teachers. Yay! Why not have a group of experts make some challenging tests and not tell us what they’re on. Surely the kids with great teachers would do the best, right? Maybe the problem is we know what they’ll be tested on so we focus on teaching to the test or whatever. Might be better if the process is a bit more casual and all-encompassing. Like IQ tests. Seriously, let kids develop at what they’re good at. No put downs! Not so much individual accountability but world-wide accountability. What’s the average intelligence of a human? Let’s try to improve that! No competition, no cheating, no rushing through curriculum to cover all the content.

Oh! Most importantly. Why do we have the same teacher for a whole year? It would be infinitely better if teachers went all over the place. If you went to many different schools. You could even have a special maths school, a science one, an English one. Full of people that love their subject. Learning would be much more informal. Students get tested. They would seek out good teachers. Teachers wouldn’t be under so much pressure. All this structure that doesn’t have anything to do with learning. Do students know the first thing about what teachers spend all their time on? More fun and innocence! More playgrounds! Left to their own devices, kids want to learn. Let them learn from their mistakes. Reward them for improvements. Happy teachers means happy students. We need to connect to kids. We need to learn and impress them. They have to look up to us. Not because of threats. But because they want to be like us when they grow up. Was Robin Williams a bad teacher in Dead Poet’s Society? The students liked him. What’s that worth?

Bold statement: programming will be taught in primary schools. In maybe 20-30 years. No, not fucking c++ but some kind of computer skills thing.

Textbook ideas. Maths is so dry. Why do they do that? Just make a book that’s casual and fun! We put people down for not being keen to destroy their souls by reading awful textbooks and doing repetitive exercises. Schools will eventually collapse. They have an absolutely terrible design. Everything gets stale when it’s like that. Same teacher, same students. Extra pressure is the wrong way to go. If you’re ever happy because you’re doing better than others, you need to look at yourself very carefully. Who are you beating?

The origin of life. How rare is this phenomenon we’ve run into on Earth? Should that affect how we live? So there’s a pattern of parallel evolution that sometimes happens. Newton and Leibniz, A Bug’s Life and Antz, Deep Impact and Armageddon, The Truman Show and EDTv (1998 was a crazy year). How do we know we weren’t planted here? Even by accident? If we could, would we leave some bacteria or life on other planets and see what happens? Maybe that was done here long ago! It seems far-fetched I’m sure. We seem to be nearing a singularity. As population increases, so does the number of brilliant minds, breakthroughs. Big ideas take a while to settle in.

Check it out: “…the equation may either suggest that life arises frequently or infrequently.” Even scientists don’t know. So, somewhere between very common and very rare 🙂 Lol.

What’s the bigger gap? The jump from nothing to something? Or the jump from amoebas to Kanye West? Maybe life often starts but rarely evolves into “intelligence”… I don’t think so. I think it’s fairly natural and inevitable. Still might be random-ish. But I doubt many people would sacrifice their higher-order functions or say that these qualities/abilities are worthless or bound to be thrown away. Intelligence is here to stay. Of course, it’s not without its difficulties. But we’re doing things that have never been done before as far we know. There are always missteps (cool word). Turn those stumbling stones into stepping stones! =D

Medicine. It disturbs me so deeply when I see these medical shows, opening people up, moving guts out of the way. This is arguably the most sophisticated, beautiful machine in existence – the human being! A little respect! A little reverence! They use like sewing and staples and textas, snip things with scissors, cut things with knives, tie things up in knots. WTF?! We think we know how this shit works? I don’t think so! Every body is unique. If I was a doctor I’d be taking a really close look, actually learning stuff! Being like, hmmm, that’s interesting. Maybe I don’t already know everything!

This professionalism. This cold, tough exterior we put on. Such casualness. Some jobs are a big deal. If you’re a truck driver, then sure, listen to the radio, sing songs, whatever (although you might wonder about all that pollution and abuse of resources). But a doctor? That’s some big responsibility! It’s not just a way to earn money, pal! We all spend so much time making things difficult for eachother. Eachother is now officially a word by the way. Dashes are all fun and nice but you don’t write an-other, do you? This dash had its dash. Time for contiguity! Showing your personality would compromise your professionality. So become a zombie instead. No that doesn’t mean you can shag a student or take a bribe. That would indicate a pretty lousy personality!

Well it’s been a blast, can’t wait to post again! Omg, I’ll miss you all so much! :’)

Note to self: try playing around with making some online apps. I can do javascript/php, including ajax, that’s enough to make a simple text editor for instance. This is cool! Cloud computing or whatever. I find using browsers easier than trying to make full GUIs from the ground up. javascript and php make everything so easy (a double-sided edge of a sword or whatever but who cares, you can still kill goblins with it)! Also thinking of ideas for Android apps. You guys should try it!


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