Dear world, here I am again.

Isn’t it scary that most people live for less than 30,000 days? Maybe not. I guess it gives meaning to what you do. To know that you’ll only do it a certain number of times. Maybe that’s a nihilistic way of looking at it. Besides, I don’t see mortality as inevitable. Or at least the process of aging is not absolute. Okay, boring topic… But how long is a minute to you? Are some minutes more valuable than others? Do you put up with unpleasant minutes to get to some good ones? I don’t think the universe distinguishes. Funny how shopping malls are so bright and white. Other-worldly, like heaven sort-of. Sets a mood. How in control of our moods are we? Ever been suddenly surprised by how long it’s been? Be careful. Get distracted and everything changes without you noticing.

I don’t know about this world. Seems like all I’ve figured out is you’ve got to be tough and uncompromising. This inner strength that no-one knows or cares about. Protect your values. Don’t give in. Be true to yourself. Seems too painful at the moment. Either something’s up or a healthy, wealthy form of output is necessary. Some kind of therapy I suppose. Even if it’s a purely psychological process or whatever. The popular truth. People only want so much. The individual and society. I dunno, you get vibes from people, well I get mainly bad vibes from society. There are many good things. Humour, politeness, kindness, smiles. Technology and transport are pretty cool. But all this lying and betraying. Self-destruction, greed. Whatever, what am I talking about?! A productive day? To some degree. Hard to tell. Layers of mystery abound. Were you close or way off? We put trust in our memory. Go to sleep knowing we’ll wake up. Interesting…

Okay, here’s an idea. Anyone who reads this, even if it’s months later, share your thoughts about memory. Not just random stuff. Something that you find really interesting and meaningful. A technique you use, a pattern you notice in people, a theory about how it works, a cool or funny story. My contribution: it’s necessary for consciousness, for understanding and manipulating time, it can be misleading, it captures the effervescent, turns actions into instructions and instructions into actions, it’s vaguely defined, like a strong body a strong mind comes from discipline, indulging in images and entertainment is like eating cake and lollies.


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