Bonus Round

We always need a good reason. To do something. Especially if it’s uncharacteristic. We all think we’re free. But we’re very stubborn. For good reason. It keeps our logic intact. Gives everything meaning. Nobody wants to lose that. That’s why people fear death as well. Everything gone just like that. The best way to approach it is not necessarily to ignore it but to have a sense of humour about it. To be one with it you might say. To see it as a natural part of life. Change is rebirth. Something has to die. We’re okay with that as long as there’s a very good reason. Explains the popularity of mysticism perhaps. Looking for reasons all over the place. Why not feel better today? Right now? Well, there’s no good reason to. Now, if something random and unexpected and nice happened, then I might give myself permission to have a radical change of heart. It’s not a bad thing. After all, it saves us from arbitrarily changing constantly. But it suggests we need some input, some evolving landscape to reflect on. To live in and react off of.

Imagination may be the greatest sign of intelligence. Or whatever. It’s a very awesome thing. It can help you deal with pain, solve problems, have fun, understand people better. It’s a rare skill. And most people seem to excel only in certain aspects of it. They can paint but can’t be funny or vice-versa. I find you can move yourself if your ideas are good enough. You can imitate the real world. Improve upon it. It livens up the mind. Related to the technology issue. Is it destroying or aiding our mind’s eye? Skills over hard knowledge. Kids these days might not “know” as much as they did in the olden days but they’re probably better at Googling and doing research. Probably less afraid of asking different kinds of people. The world seems more connected now. It’s hard to tell from inside.

What’s a happy person? If someone is happy that they just won the lottery, that doesn’t make them a happy person, the reaction is natural. But someone who smiles on a mundane insignificant day might be considered happy. What do they do with their free time? Can they have a good time? Are they a fun person to be around? Do they exude joy and happiness? Is a sufferer of guilt necessarily an unhappy kind of person? Maybe they are tormented on the inside in a way they don’t understand. If freed of their guilt, they might be the funniest person you’ve ever met.

Never berate someone for a mistake. You will lock it into them. Life isn’t hard. We repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Being in the right place at the right time. A supportive atmosphere and whatnot. Not what’s there but what isn’t there. Empty pages but there’s so much to say. Maybe it’s better left waiting for another form.


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