Do You Remember?

This DRY (don’t repeat yourself) philosophy is really growing on me. I’m starting to find I don’t mind so much what programming language I use. All of them can be used efficiently. I’m the one that’s changing and evolving.  If you write the same code a couple of times, write a method and give it a name. Such a powerful thing. These levels of understanding. The way our consciousness is so thin in contrast to the sparseness of experience. We choose where to be. What parts to focus on. Higher and lower, there’s no denying the hierarchy. You stop explaining as soon as its clear they understand. They interrupt with questions. They are the focus. They look into the world and you guide them, having been there before.

Infinite life. Is it possible? Interesting video. One argument is that breakthroughs tend to occur roughly every 30 years and if these can boost life by around 30 or more years each, we’re set! Always ahead of the curve! But any clever person would see the first the thirty year boosts will get steadily more difficult, breakthroughs may abruptly stop or slow down. Still, it’s a cool idea and quite reasonable and realistic. There’s no reason you can’t end up livelier and healthier in the future. I believe we’re very self-destructive. Or at least complacent with time’s abuse of us. We let grudges and misconceptions destroy us. Too confident in our knowledge. Grasp life too tightly now and it’ll be withered later on. Gotta trust and feel a deep sense of self or something. I don’t know why anyone would believe something they didn’t understand. I’ve realised with great clarity that it’s a bad idea to follow rules you don’t understand. Either confront or disobey. Don’t be afraid. No-one should be punished for unexplained rules.

If you’re awake for too long, you go a bit insane. Maybe it’s the same for being alive. We really do create our own worlds and relive our problems and mistakes over and over again. I think there’s this inescapable fact (I don’t really like that word) that life is profound and involves us very personally. We’re afraid of this. Of standing out. Don’t sacrifice any freedom. When you get married, you’re not just marrying your spouse, you’re always marrying your lifelong conception of what marriage is, what it means to you. It’s funny how we subtly let people know what’s important to us, possibly without realising. How we sync our emotions with some people and almost oppose others. As well as where we are. What struggles we’re having. It all shows.

So yeah, to live forever may eventually be quite possible but how many people appreciate all the myriad implications for the way you live and think? Is the prom still that important? The chicken and the egg. We’re fatalistic, that’s why it seems far-fetched. We’d see things much differently if life was longer, for better or worse. Everyone will become a painter, a poet, a gymnast, out of pure boredom. Or not. Probably they’ll do the same job for hundreds of years. How nightmarish. What does that do to a mind, a body, a soul?

How is it a movie or a book or a song can move us to tears? Can a lifetime be captured in a moment? Is time the master of space? Memories don’t care about size, just vague connections, meanings, feelings. Do we look outside or inside for the answers? Are our issues real or fictional? Do you ever smile for no reason at all?


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