Don’t know what to expect for the three-week block of teaching. Should be quite an experience. Hopefully it’ll actually be easier than the day-a-week visits because of the continuity. I’m hoping to build up a bunch of resources by the time it starts, from websites and webquests to worksheets, anything that begins with w basically. And just some good general ideas for activities and even games, techniques for organising the kids and getting to know their names and interests. Hopefully I’ll make an impression not just on the kids but on the teachers as well. If it shows that I’m passionate and well-prepared and creative and thoughtful, I’m sure I’ll get some respect and also learn some things as well.

I want to get back into maths. Ever since I gave up on my Masters, I miss learning really high level maths. It’s such a lame excuse but I just seem to be busy. Always think to myself, once this show is over, once my exam is done, once the holidays come but of course, there’ll always be more. You’ve got to *make* time for yourself. Use every moment. Drop the unnecessary things, which can be difficult because you’ve convinced yourself they’re important. Just try things. Goethe was big on boldness and he was a clever little man!

I think I sometimes lack motivation because I’m so cynical. Really don’t know what life is about. Most people seem so futile in their interests and limits. Marriage?! Some stupid house with colours that match?! Dancing with the Stars?!

I want to jog across the country! To meet leaders! To post amateur news stories and outdo professional journalists! I want to meet eccentric artists and *affect* them! I want to release a top 40 hit where the women have less than 93% of their bodies exposed! I’ve probably whinged (it *is* a word, WordPress) about this before, but so much time is spent lecturing and not searching for the great thinkers and artists of the future! If you do something bad, which is easy, the world is on your case, judging you. If you do something good, something really difficult and awkward and challenging, nobody notices. I make no apologies for noticing people and asking questions.

Reminds of this notion of sudden attention. The way laws are inconsistently enforced. Cops just do their job. But when I see people get pulled over for speeding, I don’t feel safer, I don’t feel like justice is being done, I feel like money is being wasted, police are explaining the law to people that will speed again anyway, it’s revenue raising. The best measure of ineptitude is that crime is still around. The Dark Knight explores the possibility of a permanent resolution to crime. Maybe the law has to be broken, maybe it takes some amazing superhero to achieve that. I wish I respected the law but I think it lost that. Same with politicians and journalists and musicians. NPR’s pretty good. Nolan and PIXAR are cool.

Want to improve my dreams. Sleep well, live well? It’s such a big part of our lives. And arguably death as well, we’ll be left to our dreams. I’ve had bad dreams about arguments and misunderstandings or about forgetting things or just repeating the same things again and again. It’s horrible. Time to feel alive again. To stretch the mind and body. To enjoy the crazy little things all around every moment. To be silly. To defy the seriousness around me. All problems are caused by humans. We make them and then see them later and think it came from somebody else. Who takes responsibility? Generations full of people that don’t get along. So they make ads to teach youth about tolerance. Don’t smoke, speed, do drugs… Teach yourselves first! Youth doesn’t need propaganda, they need to be heard! Lead by example. Don’t corner desperate people. Give them an out. Encourage people to make mistakes and be true to themselves. The short-term results might be embarrassing, but things will rapidly improve.

Shameless self-promotion: I’ll be performing in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat starting this Friday night! It goes for three weeks at the Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre!

Go Go Go Joseph!

My brother’s in it (as my brother, a difficult role indeed) and my Dad’s playing keyboard. I’m playing Zebulun, the coolest son of all 🙂 It’s directed by Peter Novakovich and will be his second last show.

This video is pretty hilarious, especially if you like Inception and remember the trailer.


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