Uni Finished

Can’t believe it’s already over. This semester. One exam and that’s it. If I pass more than one subject I’ll be over the moon!

Flow. I don’t let loose enough these days. Where you get so absorbed in something you forget where you are. Not in some grand way, but just that feeling afterwards of oh, what time is it? What happened? Oh yeah, that was awesome, and then you return to normal life. It could be reading a book, playing a game, having an exciting discussion, playing sport, daydreaming. Anyway, I had a nice little thing like that this morning with a ted talk in the EDMA517 course. Not amazing. But there was something dreamlike about it. Maybe because I was so exhausted. Einstein says it’s a much more valuable skill to create problems than solve them. Well, no, it’s better to be able to formulate or state or understand a problem than solve one that’s been clearly outlined which is more akin to substitution and application of formulas.

It seems with everything, the aim is to go deeper. At least when you’re ready. Don’t buy a fish, buy a fishing rod. Find the origin of things, trace them backwards as far as you can. Then you can master them. Create as many copies as you like. I like being abstract don’t I?

The scary thing about teaching. We get all this information. All this pressure. All this exposure. And then we’re out there. In the dark, alone. How many years will we go doing the same old things? Whatever we learn now is for the rest of our teaching careers. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. The future is unwritten and seems different from the past, but I don’t know enough to know that for sure. Some things may be quite predictable. Technology may be a fad. In terms of humanity, of happiness. Life may be totally different, but the same issues are everywhere. Who knows? Well, that’s why it’s important to have personal opinions, which of course are very liquid, constantly changing and actually very inconsistent. Humans are notorious for jumping to conclusions. It’s absolutely staggering the degree to which people are stubborn about changing the way they use their computer for instance or do maths (my subjects coincidentally, I swear). Even that statement is based on maybe 5 observations I’ve made. Mainly my brother, Mum, Dad and occasional strangers.

Ross said interesting things about society ‘n’ culture. Watching tv. Awkward silence when it’s off. Resonates with me. Trains of disconnected strangers. No talking please. Apparently not the same in some countries. What is the origin? Why do gossip magazines flourish? Why do I ask? It seems like a dying culture but who am I to judge? Is it a serious or a silly world we live in? Is life a big deal or just whatever? It’s a new age. Do we block things out? To what degree has 9/11 affected my life? Or the world? Should I ponder it or move on or focus on my dreams/ideals/visions? It’s comforting that nobody knows the answers. Gives me the confidence and patience to come up with my own conclusions. No-one can devalue them.

I actually had an idea that 9/11 partially explains the current arguably sad state of popular music. Having no real context, this might be pretty outlandish. But The Beatles have no parallel. Maybe they were bigger and rarer than we realised. Maybe this is subjective taste and Radiohead is better. In any case, I don’t easily dismiss this concept or even proclaim to have thought of it since it didn’t come from conscious analysis. It just came up a couple of times and my natural thought processes (I really must be insane, who writes this stuff?!) gave strength to it.

We complain about modern music and then buy it. We enter kids in beauty pageants and complain about sexualising children. Is Ke$ha irresponsible? A bad influence on future generations? Or just some random individual that happened to get a lot of attention due to strange circumstances. Are we hiding from deeper insecurities about our lifestyles? Maybe I’m just uptight and these new music videos are healthy and fun and positive. Why do people laugh if you tell them you like Beethoven? Why aren’t they curious when you say you like Prokofiev and they don’t know who that is? Curiosity is most unpopular.

I could join a niche. I’m not alone. But I’m for universality. I find it puzzling when people aren’t interested in something. Everything is interesting. If not, you’re missing something. I wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member.

They turned to someone they didn’t fully understand. I don’t know where my questioning is leading me. I’m getting more confused as I grow up but maybe this is self-induced. I’m trying to find some striking way to express something I strongly feel. The black monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It demands explanation. The ultimate disequilibrium. People need strong examples to shake them out of apathy. It leads to puzzles. You let them figure things out for themselves. Never quite there. Always on the hunt, the trail.

People either love or hate Justin Bieber. Why is he so polarising? Why these extremes? He’s harmless and probably quite a good role model. In the absence of anything better, let it be.


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7 Responses to Uni Finished

  1. Amie Neale says:

    In your second paragraph you discussed the Flow Theory by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This is definitely one theory that has stuck with me throughout my time here at uni. The feeling of being so eagerly occupied in a single topic is the very reason some of us strive to do what we do. And if this theory is transferred into the work place than oh whatโ€™s the saying…We will never work a day in our lives. So true.

  2. karnok says:

    You read that post?! Yeah, I like that theory, thanks for pointing it out, very interesting stuff. And not working sounds AWESOME. I hope to master it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Amie Neale says:

    LOL yeh its a long one but I read it.
    Quite insightful if i must say ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Emma says:

    Hey, came across your blog while I was trying to look up if the units im doing had exams. What course did you study? Was the one exam you had for EDMA517? I heard education courses didn’t have exams really? Did you have many? I’d appreciate the advice as I’m trying to work out if I can go overseas during the exam week….i know bad timing!

    • karnok says:

      It will be explained in your course outline for each individual subject. I can only remember about 2 exams (for computing and for education theory). It was mostly presentations, assignments and essays. I did a Graduate Diploma for secondary education in maths and computing.

      Good luck becoming a teacher!

      • Emma says:

        Thanks for that! Good to know there aren’t too many exams! I am doing Maths and Psychology as my methods. Do you by any chance know which Education subject it was that had the exam? This semester im enrolled in ‘Development and Learning’ and ‘effective teaching and professional practice’. Next semester im doing ‘diversity in the classroom’ and ‘social and cultural contexts of education’. Those last two don’t matter as I won’t be away in that exam period- but just included them incase they sparked your memory. I’ve done everything I can at ACU to find out about exams but I’ve only had a vague response, in the essence of, ‘its up the individual lecturer, of the individual unit whether they want to run an exam’. I understand they don’t know at this stage, but I have to know by the last week of Feb otherwise I forfeit the trip and still have to pay a $8000 hecs debt for the trip. Eeek! Hence why your help is so appreciated! Thanks.

      • karnok says:

        I think it was Development and Learning that had an exam. A multiple choice exam covering all the theory. None of the others had exams for me. But yeah, I wouldn’t count on it since the lecturers might change and do it differently. If you’ve booked a holiday that far in advance, they should be understanding and let you do any exams at another time. But they don’t like rearranging school pracs for holidays. Anyway, don’t listen to me. I never travel (yet) so it’s not an issue for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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