So this topic came up (with one of the students I tutor’s parent) about homework and about students still being at school up to year 12 when apparently it used to be only the ones planning on going to uni that would stay that long.

I don’t really like homework. It isn’t an effective way of learning. Projects are okay. And maybe getting kids to do a little research before/after class could be nice. But the way I see it, school takes up enough of kids’ time already. We don’t own their time. They’re *giving* us their time. The teacher’s job is to make learning that much fun that students *want* to spend extra time on their work. No homework. Give them resources and opportunities and time, that’s all.

Society reproducing its own prejudices. It’s strange, I feel like I really only truly understand one or two small things. And yet I still put more weight on fitting in with social norms that don’t gel with me. I know you’re meant to have fun, you’re meant to be free, you’re meant to be in touch with yourself, you’re meant to question things and joke around and be creative and in-the-moment and unique. Doing things you never thought possible. But I keep going backwards. As if there’s this invisible force that pulls us into some grand plan for people. Seriously, when I think about it, I don’t know why exactly I feel uncomfortable being myself. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t pinpoint where the external pressures come from. I think it’s because the people that enforce it (everybody) also do it subconsciously. Those stares, glances from strangers. My brother once snatched something from me without consciously realising the violence of the way he did it. He verbally said something but also grabbed without thinking-twice. It’s like the monkeys from EDFD589. Policing laws that we didn’t create or have anything to do with. A bad experience and then, oddly, we start passing it on. Come to think of it, I find it disturbing that I’m 25 and have had no effect on the laws of Australia. We should be asked for our opinions. The higher powers should be grateful for our existence and obedience. Getting off topic… Too many ideas at once (a good thing)… I must sound like a revolutionary.

Just remembered: everything I do, you get shot down either for being too modest or a show-off. Too lazy or too good. Here’s the radical notion. *Everyone* subconsciously has bought into this concept of being normal, acceptable. The second word in that sentence is very important. They enforce it on themselves and others. They aren’t completely happy because of this battle between their two selves. The soul and the inhuman exterior. Thinks it’s protecting us and maybe it is. What’s a real human? Real humanity? Second-guessing people. So timid to approach the doctor with personal problems. Everyone has them. Moral to the story? I have to not worry about “showing-off”. Somehow, giving into external pressures seems to strengthen them. I’ll figure it out…

Okay, back on track. Encouraging all kids to go up to year 12 so they have a chance at life. An effort at making things fair I guess. Society will always have a hierarchy (it seems). What does it matter if it rotates or flows down family lines? Maybe the focus shouldn’t be on equality but more on something else. Perhaps freedom? Real responsibility? Letting people accomplish whatever they like, no-one is turned down. Everyone has a “chance”. If there was a way to precisely analyse what caused what, it would be easier. Letting the height of human achievement go as far as it can go. Let people do what they like. Like a teacher wasting the whole class’ time on a “bad” student, institutions waste everyone’s time on “problems”. How about finding an outlet for people? Better sporting facilities and parks! Eg) Graffiti, violence and drugs. What *do* you want kids to do? They don’t need lecturing, they need freedom! Can’t you see they’re running away from a world that doesn’t want them, the real them!

A philosophy of patience. Don’t let things frustrate you. Fresh eyes. From plenty of practice doing all sorts of brain-teasers (many of which can be found on some of those links on the right), I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to let something go and come back to it later. Frustration comes from within so don’t allow it to build up. Do something else. Something you can enjoy. Then come back. Notice how there’s no satisfaction when you find the answer to most of these tricky puzzles? Because the explanation is dumb and obvious. Don’t waste time on it. Let your mind loosen up. Don’t make it into a grand paradoxical conundrum (awesome word).

So anyway, this all relates to technology – if a program is annoying, just let it go. It’s amazing how people react when they find out there’s a much simpler way to do things. It’s not a satisfying feeling. It’s an empty feeling. Realising how much energy was wasted. To the point that people will convince themselves it can’t be done any faster.

“lft” instead of left isn’t an abbreviation. WHO are you kidding? There’s a saying about giving complicated jobs to lazy people. The reason is they’re bound to find an easy way to do it. Programmers must be lazy. “println”. Really? The i and the e were too much?

Liking something. There’s something profound about simply liking something. It’s a miracle! Where does it come from? Why do we like certain things and what does it even mean? Never unlike something (sounds like a Facebook guideline). What I mean is, don’t be embarrassed about liking something. (Funny, I thought my spell-checker was off because I happened to spell embarrassed correctly.) It’s something to be proud of. It’s harmless and beautiful.

Apologies for this bizarre post…


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