Finding the Way

Prisoners that don’t know what to do when they’re finally released. Funny how we often exacerbate things. I can’t do it. It doesn’t work. We’ll argue things out. There’s so much potential for positive experiences, learning, changing the way things have been going.

So, how do you know if you’re doing well? Doing enough? You can look to others for (dis)approval, but eventually, you’ve gotta come up with your own “measures” of success, of righteousness and whatnot.

Symphonies. I read a book that described how Sibelius almost does his back-to-front. They used an analogy of a clock or a house. Normally, you show all the different little parts and gradually put them together until you get a working clock. Conversely, Sibelius shows you the finished clock first and then pulls it apart, showing you the different bits and how it works. Seems similar to inductive Vs. deductive learning. All these dualities, there’s something about them. Like you need an opposing force to push off of. You always need a context.

And more and more this theme of starting from the middle is emerging. Like the great movies, Star Wars for instance, you get thrown right into the action. Then you move both forwards and backwards. Learning about the past and witnessing the future.

I was always sceptical about the strong and weak nuclear forces. In physics, they figured out there were 4 forces in total. Gravity, (electro)magnetism and these two fictional subatomic forces. Well, there’s a charming symmetry about the first two forces. One is absolute, the other is polar. There’s also a theme around the size of things. Ultimately gravity dominates when it comes to planets and stars (generally). Magnetism is millions of times stronger than gravity. But whereas gravity is universal and one-sided (everything attracts), magnetism cancels itself out much of the time. On the smaller scale, things get far more chaotic. I’d draw a connection here to youth being small and elder being large as well.

And then there’s what I personally termed size relativity. In opposition to special relativity (which should be called velocity relativity). I’m sure it’s recognised scientifically but I don’t know if it has a specific name. Basically, time appears differently depending on your size. Small animals have fast heartbeats and short lives while big animals are the opposite (generally). If you film with miniatures (a tricky word to spell), you have to slow the footage down to make it all look bigger.

While we’re on this, you can go faster than the speed of light. It just never looks like it and the traditional concept of time being a universal quantity is false. The point is, based on the fuel you use and your subsequent acceleration, if you ignored relativity and aimed to reach a distant point, you would reach it at the time you expected to, even if your calculations say that you exceeded the speed of light. Now, going anywhere near the speed of light is currently impractical to say the least. But, in theory, you can get to an arbitrarily distant point arbitrarily fast. But “weird stuff” may happen. It’s probably actually better to start questioning what you mean by time and space in the first place since they turn out to be a bit… fluid and interrelated.

Thing is, the universe itself has a “speed limit” in terms of how long “word gets out”. When something moves, not everybody knows at once. It takes time for the universe to adjust. It’s like a wave travels out (at the speed of light) telling everyone about what just happened. Even better is to think of space and time as being part of the same thing and that the speed of light is just a relationship between them. I’m sure this all sounds dumb but I’ll try to think of some better examples. So, why this limit? Well, again, I wouldn’t think of it as a limit. After all, it would seem disturbing if what I did now could instantly be seen from unimaginable distances away. You could transfer information. Somehow it seems too powerful, contradictory.

How does this relate to teaching? I dunno. But it’s like everything’s part of the same organism. You can’t ignore things. Nothing is completely separate from you. One day, it’ll come around. I get along with kids easy, but somehow I’ve got to inspire them. I’m not sure how since I don’t really believe a huge amount in myself. I’m starting to embrace not-knowing things. Not being certain. Ross Keating would probably be proud. Bravery is going into the unknown. I’ve got to relax and appreciate my limitations. It’s so common to be put down for doing things wrong. Never be impatient. You are where you are. I used to understand this stuff but seem to have gone through a period of doubt. I listened to people that I knew were wrong.

Your morality can never be complete. But better to know that than lie to yourself. Kudos if you survived this post.


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