Classroom Management

Trying to motivate kids. Get them on task. I don’t really like having to raise my voice but it may be necessary. I’ll have to try things and see what works. Add to my bag of tricks.

Subjective but universal also. Why do people do what they know isn’t good for themselves? Why do we fall for the same mistakes again and again? Fix it for once and all. I had so many good ideas and now I can’t remember them. Don’t know which thoughts are valuable and which are trivial. Which are relevant to other people and which are silly and personal. Long-term ideas for education. Self-contained adventures. Like the idea of webquests. Like a great movie or video game or piece of music, it has a life of its own. The process behind-the-scenes is deliberately mysterious. It belongs to the people that see it, interact with it, experience it. I don’t want to share my influences because that will cheapen everything. When does something become real? Why don’t I believe in myself? This notion of consensus. Counter-culture. Measuring yourself against the social norms. Accepting some, rejecting some. What about independence? Innocence of the rules? There is no respect for discovery. What reward for figuring out what we already know?

This is hurting me more than it hurts you. So it’s hurting everyone. You’re being a bit negative don’t you think, mister? What is it with people that don’t like their jobs? Why can’t society be more fluid. Where your job could change day to day. Where 99% of transport is public. Far more efficient. Like school. You have many different duties (subjects) each day. Why don’t we let people do what they’re best at? Where the money is. I guess there are scouts on the lookout for up-and-coming sports stars who might get a scholarship and sign with some major team. But who’s looking for artists?

Okay, IQ tests are dumb. They don’t stretch a student. I’ve got an idea. You go to schools (and workplaces as well) and really test people. Let them show you what they’re capable of. Use a kind of expert democratic thing if you need to to fairly measure their skill. Encourage them to develop it. Use it to add something great to society. If there’s room for organised crime then society’s broken. It needs to find a way to give these people a positive output. I’ve heard of cases where crime actually had positive effects. But this is pretty insulting for the lawmakers or whoever. That they couldn’t fix their own problems.

Don’t know where I’m going with all this but I don’t feel like there are many wise or trustworthy leaders. What should I do with myself? It seems impossible to get a straight answer. Maybe not. I may be seeing problems that were always there. I could help fix them. Connect people. Be “realistic”. An efficient use of energy and hope. What if I want to make free software? Whenever I mention software ideas, people respond like it’s all about making money. That’s not my aim! I want people to understand technology and take control of their own lives. You can make things yourself! You don’t depend on other people. I may be hard sometimes but be patient and you’ll get stronger.


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