Twin Peaks

Figure I may as well start posting more regularly. There’s this common piece of advice that keeps coming up. That the first few hundred times you do something you won’t be any good. But then you’ll be kind of ok. But still bad. Anyway, point is, get the bad stuff out now. Don’t hesitate. There was some story or case of someone middle-aged who didn’t want to change something even though they knew it would benefit them. It was the way they’d always done it. Everyone can relate to this feeling of not wanting to change. An irrational fear.

Seeing. I like some of things Ross says about teaching and clarity and having a vision and beliefs and all that. But especially the value of this “intelligence”, the ability to see possibilities. As Albert said, intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. I feel like I’ve quoted this already but oh well. Why are we afraid of looking at things? Of being interested in our surroundings? Why are we so uncomfortable when people look at us? What need is there for a disapproving, irritable glance? We make out like the world’s complicated. Like things are hard. It’s all plain for anyone to see. The massive gaps in society. The vast distance between strangers.

What am I talking about?! How original! Guess I’ve got to find my place in the world. I just think my main beef is still the same one. The vice of knowledge. People thinking they know everything. Shutting off rather than diving in deeper. Humanity has plenty of darkness to it and it’s unhealthy to suppress natural thoughts and ideas. This totally makes sense right? It’s hilarious how pissed some of those Americans were with Borat upon meeting him. It seems people carry so much tension with them. Utopia isn’t necessarily unrealistic at all. Planes would have seemed unrealistic hundreds of years ago. They just hadn’t been seen yet. No put-downs. Never police people. Or oppress. You have no idea what you’re destroying. The butterfly effect. Pay it forward. Karma. It’ll all come back to you. You have so much in common with everyone else. It’s annoying when people know nothing about your favourite topic and get it all wrong.

I obviously need a focus. Hmmm. Putting weight on things. I’ve always, no, for several years I’ve always favoured trying the unknown over safe choices. Artistically it seems the way to go but of course more importantly is the opening up process. Eg) Deciding which uni to go to. Does’t matter. Life-changing either way. Different and the same. Black and white are only opposites of each-other. They’re symmetrical. Anyway, open up your choices. More important than uni is will I start writing that book today? Will I go for a jog? Will I make that awkward phone call I’ve been putting off? Will I return the amulet of destiny? All the tiny little things that add up. Next thing you know it’s not which uni, it’s which movie studio, what name for your child, which genre of music to write in next?


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