Short and Bitter

Good learners never get bored. There’s something about seeing the apparent disinterest of someone in their current situation that says a lot about how… alive they are. How ready to learn. How aware of the potential of every moment. The grand value of right now. If you’re waiting, then something isn’t right. Enjoy time or it will all vanish in a flash. The way children find an hour to be such a long time is admirable. The measure of the liveliness of a soul. Kids only get bored because they get controlled. Given freedom, they’ll find all kinds of silly and creative things to do. Age is an illusion. Memory is fallible. Only the present is real.

Whatever. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you just start looking around yourself. Really looking and thinking. Doing what you really feel like doing. Never accept boredom and always prioritise your dreams! Rules have no inherent worth. Everything dates and everything has an origin. Creation is always possible.

How’s that for a five minute post? I know, pretty bad.


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A legendary ninja.
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