ICT & The Future

So, I’m meant to be reflecting on how I’ll use ICT in the classroom and how I’ll teach IST and maths. Well, I thought I should think about the role of technology in our lives, especially in the years, decades, centuries to come.

Who knows what the future will bring? Well some people might have a good idea and for good reason. I don’t think it’s impossible to figure out pretty accurately what’s likely to happen. But it’s probably not obvious or easy and I think most people have little to no idea, including myself, mainly because they haven’t *really* thought about it. Orwell saw a boot on a face. Huxley seemed to be more concerned with drugs and pleasure and dependence.

Just as there’s a nature/nurture aspect to learning/teaching or society in general, I believe there are similar ones with technology. What is our long-term relationship with technology to be? Sure, some use it more, some use it less. But what will the extremes be and what will the average be?

The main battle I see might be termed use/abuse or want/need.

Does technology connect us or help us go deeper into our own insular world? People have strong opinions about social networking, listening to music all the time, video games.

What will my role be in the future? I’ve not yet established my identity, perhaps never will. Maybe that’s a good thing. I just won’t be able to predict where I’ll be.


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