A Discordant Mess

Played with Wordle! This one’s called “Things Teenagers Think About”. Seems appropriate seeing as I’ll be teaching them eventually.

Wordle: Things Teenagers Think About

And of course, who can forget my maiden effort in the format, “The Dark Knight”.

Wordle: The Dark Knight

Fun fact of the day: indescribable is an adjective.

Annoying that you can’t manually move words or add new ones with Wordle.

Thinking of taglines for Macs.

“Macs. You can’t go up a folder.”

“Macs. User-friendliness is everything.”

“Macs. Only minimised windows should have tabs. That way it takes forever to switch between things.”

“Macs. Why would you ever want to save or open a file from somewhere other than the seven or so folders we’ve picked for you?”

“Macs. When you open a html file with a text editor, it should look all black. All. Black.”

“Photoshop. Who needs a zoom level between 100% and 200%?”

“Blackboard. Why would you ever want to use multiple tabs or come back after an hour and continue where you left off?”

Okay, feel free to add your own. Turtle out.


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