The Great Podcasts

Tried out some podcasts around November and haven’t looked back (yet). Here are some recommendations:


The masters of humour and manic depression…

WTF with Marc Maron >> Always interesting and sincere. Usually at least partially funny and insightful. Lots of great guests and good discussions/interviews.

Comedy Death-Ray Radio >> Retarded and plenty of lol moments. They just make ridiculous stuff up non-stop but they all play along so it works. Great vibes every time. The games with all their precise rules are hilarious.

Bill Burr – Monday Morning >>  Gets funnier every time I listen to him. He gets so annoyed, all these things really get to him.


Podcasts to relax or dance or sing or jog or ponder to. They never play anything I’ve ever heard before! 🙂

Density of Sound >> Nice variety, 95% music, pretty consistent quality, I dunno I really like it.

Sacred Dub >> 100% music, really cool stuff.

Murphy’s Saloon >> Lots of blues, good songs abound, nice atmosphere, bad jokes.


For sophisticated humans.

This American Life >> The greatest podcast of all time. No doubt about it. Great stories, nice mix of randomness and depth.

The Tobolowsky Files >> A really awesome discovery. Fascinating, funny stories, well told. Didn’t know how cool this guy was until now.

Radiolab >> Really well-produced, generally scientific, very thought-provoking. Lots of different interesting topics.



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